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What does being in a FIT ERA mean to you?

"Fitness has both physically and mentally elevated me"

Hello ladies! My name is April and I want to help you enter your FIT ERA. Starting my fitness journey over a year ago, I have experienced first hand all of the wins and struggles of trying to commit to your goals. We all have to start somewhere and I have been in those starting shoes for a large stretch of my life. Now learning the tools to break through the barriers I was unknowingly setting up around myself, I want to equip my fellow ladies with the same knowledge I have gained and set them up for success! 

Working out and dieting has been part of my life since my teen years but I can now proudly say that through mindset shifts I have finally hit my FIT ERA, learning what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and truly adopting all of the changes that come with that. We are often defined by our appearance in society and yes that is commonly the reason why anyone starts their fitness journey but you will be shocked by how it will transform you from the inside out.

If you are tired of seeking change and never quite getting there, or just wanting to improve your lifestyle generally and gain a growth mindset; I would be honoured to help you get there. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has a starting point, so let's start and get to our full potential together!

Your Next Step Options

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Kickstart your FIT GIRL ERA with my free guide: THE FIT GIRL GUIDE 

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Go at it alone, with nutrition only: Free Nutrition Calculator 

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