Rethinking Mistakes

Updated: Sep 22

Running a business like She Shines UK; means I am forced to constantly learn; all of the time. Whilst I had been a consumer of content, from various womens organisations for many years. This is still my first time managing a womens organisation myself, let alone an limited company! 😄

I am learning and developing skills that I didn’t know I could! At the beginning it was like OMG graphics, OMG cameras, OMG tech. I even made a couple administrative mistakes and it made me realise…every mistake I made, no matter how small, has or is helping me make the business better.

It’s shown me the areas I could do better, the parts I do well and the areas that need a more improved system or process. I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey of learning from these mistakes and making things better.

What if we took this same mindset into m other areas of our lives. Not quitting on ourselves if we make a mistake. Instead saying “I don’t care how long it takes me, I will get there.” There are some goals you may find more of a challenge to attain and that’s okay! Just don’t let the challenge or the thought of the challenge make you quit.

Yes there may be other people who attain similar goals easier or faster, but they are not you! You have to own who you are, where you are and never give up on where you want to be. Recognise that your journey and your experience is yours alone. Others may relate to your journey, but it’s still unique to you.

Some of you may be thinking “why does it have to be a challenge for me but easy for someone else?” I think this is because there may be someone out there that has a similar struggle and seeing you overcome yours may encourage them, that they too can slay their giants.

The same person who may find whatever it is easy, may find something else hard. At the end of the day we all have giants to slay. Your giant may be different to my giant but seeing you overcome yours will inspire, motivate and encourage me to conquer mine.

So ladies don’t quit, no matter how many mistakes you make, how many times you have to restart something or how long it takes for you to grasp something…keep going, keep learning and keep encouraging yourself too!

Rooting for you always 💛

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