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Dealing with Disappointment

Updated: Jun 18

Has it ever taken you a long time to get from ‘A to B’ (A: where you are B: where you want to be)?

It’s likely that along the way something slowed you down, disappointed you and made you feel like giving up. I hear you sis. I’ve experienced disappointment before. What helped me move forward, was seeing someone get back up after something that set them back. If you've been battling with an obstacle like disappointment...please don’t let that make you quit all together.

You can pause if you need to sis. Take the time you need to get your hope back but please don’t quit. To move forward you’ll need to hold on to your resilience. Resilience means to be capable of withstanding a challenge without permanent deformation or rupture. A person who is resilient is someone recovers from a setback or adjusts easily to change. We need that; especially when we want to see results in certain areas of our lives.

Just because you didn't get the results you wanted previously; doesn’t mean you’ll never get the results you want. That's where resilience comes in. Resilience is deciding that I’m not going to lose; I’m going to learn and I'm going to achieve. The disappointment may not be any fault of your own; but it can still help you learn somethings about yourself and/or the world around you. Which could help you when choosing the path and the standpoint you want to take in the future.

Sometimes we are so focused on who didn't support us, who didn't believe in our potential or who betrayed us...but reciting those things over and over again, only keeps us stuck. Instead if we focus on what the things the disappointment taught us about; the solid attributes we require from those closest to us; the values we need to see in the spaces and places we associate with; we could begin moving forward.

Don’t let the obstacles you’ve experienced, make you change your expectation for your future. Hold on to the passions and dreams embedded in you. Don't discard them. You see sis we can lament the past, but we won’t be able to change it. We can quit and stay in disappointment or we can decide that disappointment will not be the end of our story.

Don't let disappointment be the end of your story. Start writing your next chapter with fresh courage; coupled with your passion and all the dreams that are in you.

Rooting for you sis, keep shining.


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