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Are you ready to adjust?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Okay so sis we take on a new job that requires super long hours; we start a business that requires a lot of time and resources; we marry the man who loves us properly; we purchase a property; we complete a new qualification; we have our first or second child and yet we think we should be exactly the same person we were; before we had these new additions to our lives. 

We put pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone, despite how much our lives have changed. Granted there are parts of us that will remain the same. But what about the parts of us that need to adjust, so that we can be more effective in these new areas of our lives. 

These necessary adjustments could be a mindset shift (thinking differently). It could be a physical change (such as a new location). It could be a change in how or where you spend your time and your income. Only you will know what needs to change for you to carry out your new roles most effectively. 

Carefully identify the things in your life that help or hinder you from being the most effective. Once you are aware of these things, you can assess what needs to change…and sis, it’s okay to adjust. It’s okay to make a different choice. It’s okay to start doing somethings differently.

You see, you are getting to know yourself more. You are discovering what you like and what you do not like. You are understanding how you think and why you think what you think. You are finding out what is most important to you and what matters to you the least. You are recognising your strengths whilst becoming more aware of what you can improve on. You are accepting yourself as you are right now, whilst enjoying the you you are becoming. This is a beautiful journey sis…and it’s your own personal growth journey.

Here is a big question you will need to ask yourself:

Do the people in my life support my personal growth journey and seek to grow with me? Or do they want me to remain as I have always been and discourage me from making the changes that will help me develop personally?

It is important that you do life with people who want you to be happy and healthy and contribute to that too. Someone could say they want you to be happy and healthy, but if they are contributing to what is making you unhappy and/or feeding unhealthy patterns, mindsets or circumstances, they are actually apart of the problem and not the solution.

Healthy relationships and healthy environments, are those that encourage and include mutual respect. That means they take into consideration the other persons circumstances, goals, wellbeing, values and more. It is an environment where your views/opinions are welcomed and listened too, you feel accepted, understood and ultimately considered. If you notice that some of the relationships and spaces you have been in have become or have always been unhealthy…maybe it could be time to adjust 💛

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