Why set a goal?

Updated: Jul 20

Have you ever stayed in the same place...doing the same thing...for an extended period of time? I say an extended period of time because we are not supposed to be stagnant, we are meant to grow and continue to move forward. If we don't we risk missing out on the opportunities we could enjoy if we gave our dreams a chance.

Yes I know the dreams you may have for yourself in your head, may seem way too big to attain. That's usually because they are not quick or easy tasks; and may require a lot from us to attain...but let's not let that put us off. Instead let's tackle it in small chunks. Remember, it is not what we do once but what we do on a regular basis that will help us see the results we want. Terri Savelle Foy once said, it's often not one deposit of savings that will buy us the house, it's usually regular deposits into our savings that will buy us the house.

That's how we have to look at our dreams. We have to pick one small goal that's reasonable enough to get us started, yet challenges us because it's different to our usual way of living, thinking or doing. We then have to put that goal in to practice on a regular basis. This will develop a good habit in us that will help us with the steps ahead. So if you have big dreams in your head, please don't allow overwhelm to set in. Instead take it in bite size chunks and work your way up to those dreams.

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