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Making time for me

We all navigate busy lives whether being employed, self-employed, students, parents, volunteers etc. Working hard, achieving our goals, being parents/carers, building for the future, thinking of new ideas or a running business are just samples of our lives in one way shape or form. We all have a focus or drive that keeps us going each day, from when we wake up to when we fall asleep.

From time to time, we can become so consumed with wanting to be and become better in our lives for ourselves and families, but can we sometimes forget who is the most important…US.

How do you recharge for the next day or next week. Do you keep fit, cook or bake, paint your nails, take a bubble bath, read a book, dance. It could be the simplest of things. We should try to allow me time each day or at least each week. In my me time I spend 10 minutes reflecting on things I’m grateful for, the things that went well, the things that could have gone better and my hopes for the new day or week ahead.

The famous saying “can’t wait for the weekend" as we progress through each day and week, lets try and do one thing each day/week that makes us happy, even if its for 30 minutes.

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