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Télle Moi

Inclusive and diverse indie nail polish brand specialising in nude nail polishes for darker skin tones. All products are vegan and cruelty free.

Télle Moi

Télle Moi create and stock an inclusive and diverse range of nude and colourful nail polishes, nail lacquers and nail care products. Each of their polishes are handcrafted to suit all skin tones. This reflects the name of their brand which is french for 'like me.' This name reinforces the founders mission to ensure that all who come in contact with the brand feel that it caters to them.

The founder established Télle Moi after starting a new job and not being able to find, a brown nail polish that would suit her skin tone. She searched through a number of high street brands and struggled to find a flattering nude nail polish, that was different to a lighter or darker shade of pink. After much research and trial and error, she developed four shimmery nude shades. It was after this the founder realised that instead of solely solving her own problem, she could contribute to solving this problem for those who have had a similar experience.

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