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Aaron Wallace

Aaron Wallace is the UK's leading grooming brand for black men. The brand has been featured on Forbes, GQ, Essence, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine, BuzzFeed, The Telegraph, BBC News and more

Aaron Wallace

As a barber, Aaron saw first hand the challenges faced by his clientele when it came to having access to good quality products that would solve their hair and skin care problems. As a black man, he could also personally relate to their frustrations and decided to do something about it by developing natural products especially for the needs of Black men. Lina got involved at the very beginning, after being approached by Aaron as she could see the gap and wanted to be part of creating a solution that would bring some much needed diversity to the male grooming sector.

The entire Aaron Wallace range is now available to buy from Sainsbury’s, ASOS, Liberty London, Saks Fifth Avenue, Zalando, Debenhams and direct their website.

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