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Designs By Rae

Stand tall and stand out with Designs by Rae's graphic design service. A service supporting start up to medium sized businesses with establishing effective brands and visual identities.

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Designs by Rae was established by Naomi Rae in 2021. Naomi started this business due to a passion for making things look aesthetically pleasing; she has an eye for detail and has spent a number of years advising start-ups on designs for their brands. Naomi launched Designs by Rae to help more business owners and sole traders develop their visual identities and brands. Naomi has an Undergraduate Degree in Interior Architecture Design. She uses these transferable skills within her graphic design services.

Through 'Designs by Rae' Naomi seeks to explore and remove common perceptions of what a brand is; and what it takes for an individual or company to market their brand effectively. This is what echos a good consultation, communication and completion process.

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